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About RCA

Recovery Coaches Alberta offers empathic support to people who need and want their services. With the help of RCA coaches, clients choose their pathways of recovery. The coach may provide information, help overcome barriers, and connect clients with services and other resources in their community to strengthen their recovery journey.


Recovery coaches connect with potential clients anywhere they are needed. This includes emergency rooms, doctor's offices, schools and universities, police and corrections facilities, treatment programs, community outreach, or at the workplace through unions and employee assistance programs.


Call us if you would like help with a problem related to substance use. You can talk with a coach today and begin your recovery journey. To connect with a coach right away use the contact form.



Recovery Coaches Alberta was founded in Calgary, Alberta in Spring 2021, this program is funded by Alberta Health to provided a new way of looking at recovery across Alberta. 


Over the last 20 years, Dr., Ray Baker has researched and created a sound theoretical foundation for the training of Recovery Coaches. 

Steven Gaspar and Dan Apagi are helping to take action on Dr., Baker’s research, which includes necessary knowledge on addiction, types of treatment, varieties of recovery pathways, cultural diversity, boundaries, working with families, trauma-informed care and post-traumatic growth.


Our Mission

To Remove barriers to recovery through meeting the client at whatever point they find themselves along their recovery journey.


Be a recogonizable support within the communities of Alberta, while being innovative about the approach to individual pathways of recovery.

Our Vision



Steve Gaspar is a practicing and certified recovery coach under the tutelage and mentorship of Dr. Ray Baker. He is a person in long-term recovery (24 years) and originally from Surrey, BC. On his recovery journey, Steve obtained a BSc. in Kinesiology and MSc. in Public Health both from Simon Fraser University. It was during his academic venture he became interested in community health approaches to addiction. Where, as an undergrad, he was a student researcher investigating the effectiveness of the InSite; North America's first medically supervised injection site. 

After university Steve moved to Calgary and for 10 years helped lead and develop housing-first programs for those experiencing homelessness, addiction, and severe and persistent mental health challenges. These programs have helped hundreds of individuals receive the necessary support to face their challenges. Steve also traveled across Canada presenting his work at conferences and organizations looking to establish similar initiatives. 


Today, Steve brings these experiences to Recovery Coaches Alberta and is responsible for bringing this initiative to any Albertan (18+) in active addiction or any stage of recovery.  


Meet the Team

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