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Find a Coach


Fill out the contact form to speak with a recovery coach. 

Though most coaching sessions occur by  phone or video call We occasionally do in-person coaching sessions in the community. These are by appointment only. 

Note: Currently in-person/on-site coaching is currently restricted to Calgary. 


If you're a treatment provider, we can schedule weekly/monthly regular onsite coaching sessions for residents.​

Determin your recovery path

RCA’s customizable approach let’s you be in charge of your recovery. There are many ways to tackle recovery and with the guidance of a coach you take control of the road to your recovery.


Connect with
Community Support

We believe that a strong connection to community can help to facilitate individuals with their recovery journey. At RCA we strive to create a warm, inviting recovery community so no one has to feel alone in their journey. Our team values honest connection with you, and we are grateful to walk alongside you on your recovery journey. 

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