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Become A Recovery Coach

If you are interested in becoming a recovery coach, contact us, and we will schedule an interview to help you determine your suitability and readiness for this specialized role.


Initial Training

Developed by Ray Baker, MD

The 40-hour initial training is delivered online and
in-person to groups of 12-24 trainees. The curriculum includes necessary knowledge on addiction, types of treatment, varieties of recovery pathways, cultural diversity, boundaries, working with families, trauma-informed care and post-traumatic growth.


In addition, trainees learn all essential recovery coach competencies and the recovery coaching code of ethics. Training includes didactic teaching, individual and group exercises, discussions, coaching skills role-playing, homework reading assignments and community-based resource-finding activities.


Since recovery coaching is so new, credentialing and certification are still evolving. As a result, requirements for accreditation, maintenance of accreditation and levels of credentialing will change. Recovery Coaches Alberta will adapt the training requirements accordingly

For information regarding cost, duration and topics please refer to

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